Surveillance Systems

Why are business and home owners ramping up installation of surveillance systems? The easy answer is to save money. Installing surveillance systems has been a proven way to save money on many levels.

Whether you own a business or a home, theft if always a major concern. Gates and bars, while effective, are not aesthetically pleasing. Should an intruder manage to get past either, there is nothing to record the events to provide to authorities or insurance agents. Having a surveillance system increases the chances of capturing the crime, the perpetrator, time of day, direction the perpetrator exited and what, if anything, was taken. Not to mention having cameras in plain sight, as well as hidden, gives thieves a reason to move on, while allowing you the peace of mind that comes from knowing staff and customers are safe.

Surveillance systems also help to ensure that staff members are being productive during their shifts and can help corroborate the details of any issues that may arise during the business hours. Let’s face it, even someone with great memory blanks out when confronted with an emotional or highly stressed situation.

Security systems also assist a home or business owner by preventing fraudulent claims for slip and fall accidents, amongst others. Having a great way to prove an on the job injury as valid, or not, prevents business owners from being on the hook for hundreds or thousands of dollars from false work related injury charges. Home owners can also show if an accident happened on their property and are able to protect themselves against scam artist looking for an easy victim. Accidents DO happen and having an accurate account of the events is imperative. Not only will it stave off potential frivolous lawsuits, it helps to keep insurance premiums in check by reducing claims submitted to insurers.

Need to watch a nanny or house sitter? Do staff members know the manager or business owner is going out of town? Have multiple locations that need monitoring? Can’t shake the “while the cat’s away the mouse will play” feeling? While earlier models for surveillance systems required a monitor setup at the point of installation, newer, internet ready, models have replaced those. With high quality cameras that work both indoors and outside and whether it’s extremely bright or completely dark,  home or business owners can go out of town, state or the country and view their system from any location with internet access, including smartphones and tablets!

All this combines to give you, the business or home owner, with the highest piece of mind. Employees are productive and safe, customers are being treated to a friendly and safe environment, inventory and cash thefts decrease if not cease at the worksite and at home families can rest comfortably at night with the knowledge of this added layer of protection. No place is too big or too small and systems are customized to fit your situation.